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The skin undoubtedly plays an essential role in our face and appearance. Much has been said about the harmful effects of peels, but little is known about the benefits they bring to our skin. For this reason, we have decided to explain why we recommend that the face should be exfoliated. We know that exfoliating your face is not the most fun thing in the world. We are also aware that ending dead skin cells and cleaning toxins that build up on your skin can be boring. But we assure you that after knowing its benefits you will begin to see the exfoliation with different eyes. 

For this, you will need natural products in which the composition resembles the human dermis and, therefore, it is easier for the skin to tolerate it. There is no need to be on the part of excessive exfoliation, however, if we consider that the cell renewal cycle is 28 days, the exfoliations should be done from time to time. Face scrub helps remove dead cells from the skin, eliminate pathogens, and hydrate the dermis. But its benefits do not end here ... One of the most important benefits is that a good exfoliating face scrub prevents premature aging of the skin. 

Our skin is made up of small pores that, if not cleaned properly, dead cells cause them to clog forever creating abscesses of fat. In addition, the exfoliation makes your skin renew, achieving a baby skin effect with which you will be the admiration of many. Through exfoliation, we can stimulate our lymphatic system to release toxins that remain on our faces. We cannot ignore that a good exfoliation prepares our skin against any external factor. Any beauty product works infinitely better on clean skin free of dead cells. Despite having a completely beneficial side, don't forget to take some precautions before doing any exfoliation. 

If you have dry or sensitive skin, avoid abrasive products and those that contain sea salts. Always use the face scrub on wet and clean faces, never on dry skin because you risk damaging it. Be careful when distinguishing exfoliants, a body scrub used on the face could seriously damage it due to the high level of abrasive components. Never exfoliate your skin if it is sunburned or damaged for any other reason and finally remember, everything in abundance is bad. Regulate the amount of exfoliating products you use.

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