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Do you want to laminate your cards to make them last longer?  Xerox printer Customer Support Phone Number Will you encode your cards so they can be multi-functional cards that can pay for parking, lunch, or printing? These features often cannot be added after you purchase the Xerox printer, so knowing what you want before you buy is important.

How to secure your cards.

Step Six: Determine Connection Type

How will you set up your new ID card Xerox printer? Will it be used by the same person at his or her desk, connected only to one computer? Or do you need multiple people to print cards from several different computers? Depending on your office setup, you may need USB, Ethernet, or a WiFi connection for your printer.

How to determine connection type.

Step Seven: Other Considerations

Finally, you’ll need to consider some other options including field upgrade options if your card printing needs change down the road, operating system compatibility (not every printer is Mac compatible, for example!), and the manufacturer warranty.

Four last things to consider.


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