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KetoGenesys Football world Cup is a major event for all the football lovers and that's the reason numerous fans are expected to arrive in South Africa earlier than the starting on the world cup. Four years later, the nationwide squad earned the regional title, at the expense South Korea (silver medal) and Indonesia (bronze medal). Sixty-seven years later, the Central American nation once once more hosted the Caribbean Video games, where the native workforce completed in seventh within the medal count, with 123 medals (18 gold, 39 silver, 66 bronze). 13 years earlier than finally qualifying for the World Cup in 1982, the Honduran national team has had a qualifying match that started the Soccer War in opposition to El Salvador. Danilo Israel Acosta Martinez is a Honduran-American soccer participant who at present performs for LA Galaxy in MLS. Inicio > Panamericanos 2019 Darixon Vuelto: "Esta es una generación muy buena, venimos por medalla" El delantero ayudó a Honduras a triunfar en su debut en los Juegos Panamericanos de Perú.


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