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have because they tasted like Butterfinger is kind of a thing why wouldn't you save up your calories so you could eat that instead of like making chicken and vegetables or something like that you know so I remember I used to eat the same exact thing every single day because I was terrified of gaining weight and it was of being like I don't know how I'm ever gonna sustain this forever like this doesn't feel right but hey I'm 120 you know I didn't look like this at all I was I was a lot like pudgy err cuz I didn't do any workouts either like I wasn't doing any weight training or anything like that so it was just a very different time that felt like holding on for dear life then I moved to Italy that's when everything fell out t black label x he rails and I had I knew that I was going to move to Italy one knew I was gonna do study abroad at some point with my college and so the first program that I chose to do was Florence Italy so I went there for a semester and lived and I just remember I knew like I had told myself I'm moving


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