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Rattan Garden Lounge Set makes a stylish statement for both indoor and outdoor decor. The pieces are lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly. Rattan is a vine that is closely related to tropical palms. It grows into a cane that's one to three inches in diameter, which can be cut into lengths with a strong core and steamed to shape into curves. The outer skin of the vine is peeled off to create flexible lengths to bind furniture joints together.

Clean gently. Dust the furniture regularly with a soft cloth. Furniture polish is not necessary, but can be used sparingly. Never use paint thinners or abrasive creams to clean rattan or cane.

Dry rattan furniture well. A damp cloth with a mild furniture cleaner may be used, but take care not to soak the furniture. If it does become oversaturated, dry outdoors in the sun, if possible. The natural plant material will generally return to its original shape, so take care not to bend it while wet.

Treat mildew immediately. If mildew or mold begins to form, use a strong bleach solution to clean the affected areas. The furniture must then be immediately dried out of doors.

Vacuum rattan furniture with the brush attachment. Use your vacuum's brush attachment on woven panels and furniture crevices. A dry brush with a medium bristle can also be used for cleaning by hand.

Lift rattan furniture when moving it. To avoid splitting the fibers, don’t drag your rattan furniture around.

Protect cane furniture feet. Use felt pads or rubber stoppers to protect the feet of cane and rattan furniture.

Rattan Lounge Set . Rattan fibers can fade in strong light. This is a natural process and not necessarily bad. However, if possible, rotate furniture on a regular basis to evenly distribute the fading. You might also consider installing blinds or awnings to reduce extreme sun exposure.

Looking for high-quality, low-maintenance Garden Lounge Set you can love for years to come? Contact our team or click https://www.insharefurniture.com/product/garden-set/ to learn about our unique selection of Garden Lounge Set today!



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