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you want to sunscreen and protect yourself yeah because I mean just wearing sunscreen is already reducing and helping deflate those signs hypopigmentation so make sure you do that earned a earn the dr. woo the pure eater seabuckthorn and the training semuc acid which was super excited to share with all of you guys cuz these are kind of like the workhorses of helping with hyperp nupetit igmentation and dark spots oh yeah forgot my fave the cause I wrecks until a blemish cream the new comer to the block this is a relatively new ingredient the tranexamic acid night treatment that we've both been using four different hyperpigmentation purposes right then for me it's like the acne marks which I think a lot of you can relate to and because it's a rather new ingredient it's not widely available in the skincare world yet you know like you see Sentell Asiatic are being spread everywhere it's like every brand this is quite new and it's like a little secret because man it can do a lot Chyna stomach acid can actually be taken


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