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Tinnitus-911 Buy by the outer ear drawn down your ear canal and reaches your eardrum that's a what really got to me was that I couldn't get away from it it was always there like normally if something's annoying yeah like I don't know if there's a jackhammer on the street her there's a dog barking or something you can walk out the door you can walk off somewhere get away from it but I couldn't get away from this and this was the thing that really really set in on me was that okay I can't actually get away from this is no matter where

Tinnitus 911 about two years ago I started to notice this sound in my head the stormtroopers marching and then it seemed to become a constant presence I had a hearing test and found out that I have a slight hearing loss and hearing loss is one of those things that can cause tinnitus those with hearing loss usually have a cause for their hearing loss that could be being right beside a bomb that goes off it could be going to a concert and it being too loud Brendan Conlon is ear nose and throat consultant at st. James's Hospital now I think

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