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Ketobodz Keto actually picked up a home bargains stick so just mean chillin I've got my own blankie with me I'm an try and sleep good morning everyone haven't looked in a mirror today look at my bulging hair I think I'll have to redo that side um I got away cannot but like quarter to six for more tests I thought they were all done yesterday they weren't had more blood so tired home oh it's some five to seven now so I'm dressed I'm I've got to get in my hospital gown but I'll leave that for later and the surgeon tends to come in between like seven and a half seven so I'm gonna have to do a lot of concent things um so yeah kind of feeling nervous Tony should be hearing about that Pamela um but the bed was quietly really hospitable like really comfortable if you ever wondered what true love looks like it is this okay this is just my face look at my beautiful gown it's so pretty and it's open at the back so yeah I'm just looking at Tony I have a lot to tell you I'm gonna get him to like making lists of things I told him that he thought I should record I've met these are Joan Leonie that hist as you can see it is about five to nine and they asked me to be ready for nine I am second yeah feeling good I've got my compression socks on thanks to Tony's help ya know I'm not really much else to say at this point just um see you on the other side okay so emma has been wheeled


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